Specialized in hiring Partners and Counsels

At B-lawyer we have a tailor made approach for executive and Parner roles providing

Providing great value to our clients and which are carried out in complete confidentiality.

Trust is paramount, the true foundation of our relationships

How do we work?


Headhunting Method

  • If you are a company, you can hire us to develop the right strategy to locate the partner or counsel you need, present the professional opportunity and generate interest to get a first approach.

Proactive method 

  • We assess your professional profile.
  • We schedule a face-to-face meeting.
  • We prepare a detailed report with the key elements of the professional profile that we are going to promote and we make approaches with the ‘decision makers’ of each of the firms or companies of interest.

A high-level and value-added consultancy work with two main objectives:

  • Getting the best professional project for the partner or counsel who entrusts their next professional step to B-Lawyer.
  • To obtain the best talent with high seniority for the firms incorporating strategic professionals and generating great impact for the organisations.
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Headhunting Method  

  • We work with total confidentiality and exclusively through direct headhunting.
  • We represent the law firm or the company to carry out the approaches in the appropriate form and at the appropriate level.
  • We transfer all the fundamental details to achieve a solid engagement.
  • We provide the information regarding the project data.
  • We provide information about what the firm or company has to offer.
  • We coordinate meetings between the parties.
We’ve worked with some great companies already. We think you should join them in your quest for top talent.