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At B-Lawyer, we provide you with the best professionals and know-how in the legal & finance sectors.

Learn, discuss and interact with proven leaders and renown experts, stand out as a professional.  


We are fully committed to providing the highest level of quality training, and an environment for B-Lawyer members to develop their careers successfully.

If you are a law student, junior lawyer, or senior lawyer and would like to receive advice and counsel from the best professionals in the sector, this platform provides your next step.

Do you want to make the right decisions early on to accelerate your career?

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Stand out when applying for a role with our coaching and mentoring courses. With the right professional guidance, you’ll gain an advantage over other candidates.
 Practical and applicable knowledge is what truly matters, adding value to your profile and being key to advancing your career.
Having renowned experts by your side will give you an edge over the competition in today’s global market, especially as technology and markets evolve rapidly.
At B-Lawyer, we provide you with the tools and vision to stay ahead of the curve. We cheer for your success!

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The programmes

Senior Profile Programme

Duration: 3th months.
Frequency: 2 sessions per month
Sessions length: 60 minutes per session


Programme Objectives

Develop professional skills: Improve key competencies and skills that are highly valued in the legal field.

Increase confidence: Strengthen your confidence through personalised sessions and expert guidance.

Stand out from the competition: Learn how to effectively present yourself in interviews and selection processes to differentiate yourself from other candidates.

Networking: Connect with leading professionals in the sector who can offer you valuable advice and opportunities


what will you get?

Receive expert advice & strategic guidance
Analyze all your professional options
Explore your potential
Plan your career & receive insights orientation
Make the right decisions
Stand out from other candidates and lawyers

Personalised guidance: Receive direct guidance from experienced professionals in the legal sector.

Enhanced employability: Develop skills and competencies that will increase your attractiveness to potential employers

Networking opportunities: Connect with experts and peers who can offer you growth opportunities.

How to enrol

To enrol the programme, simply follow these steps:

  1. Book your favourite coach.
  2. We will put you in touch and introduce you to your coach or mentor.
  3. Confirmation: We will confirm the schedule with your coach or mentor, and you will receive the video conference invitations directly in your email.

Hire a coach

Do you want to become a b-lawyer coach?

B-lawyer as a global professional services plataform

B-Lawyer is a global professional services platform offering you the chance to join an incredible project that brings great value to new generations of lawyers and law students.
Your will mentor and inspire a new generation of students and seasoned professionals with you during the 6 sessions, working with them based on identified needs and set objectives.
You will initiate a professional and personal relationship that will significantly impact their career development.

Requirements to become a b-lawyer coach

  • Be a senior lawyer at a top law firm or boutique firm, or
  • Be responsible for human resources in top national and international law firms or large corporations, with a passion for people and career development.

You will be part of an elite group of legal professionals committed to teaching and advising those who engage in this service.

who are committed to teaching and advising those lawyers who engage the service.

what will your impact be?

  • Provide strategic guidance 
  • Offer insightful orientation
  • Deliver expert advice
  • Assist in comprehensive career planning